The Secret To Finding Your Career Passion

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Are any of you in your last year of college right now? Are any of you struggling with questions similar to ”what is my career passion?” or ”how do I make sure I end up working with something I am passionate about?”

Maybe it is the economy, or just the way the news portrays it, but somehow it feels like fewer people succeed and more people then ever struggle or work with something they hate. This despite the fact that it seems like there are more inspiring careers to pursue then ever before.

You can do almost anything you can imagine, and make money out of it. The issue is only that you might have a lot of things you find interesting but you have no idea what you are PASSIONATE about. You have no idea what you want to be doing for the rest of your life.

Well, let me tell you: very few people know what they want to spend their entire life doing and a lot of success is due to a series of circumstances created by you being curious, lucky, and not letting fear come in the way of trying.

My advice to you is to take a moment to figure out what is important to you: money, free time, location, or maybe flexibility? Do you prefer more practical, strategic or analytical day-to-day activities? Also, brows around and check out different companies’ websites that you would like to work for and check what kind of opportunities they have that sound exciting. Then try it out.

Even if you want to be the CEO of say a media company or why not an oil company, or the executive director of an NGO, or a graphic designer, it is ok to start as the assistant, or the intern. Take those opportunities to look around, what are other positions at those companies, what are other companies in that sector and could you jump form this sector to a nearby sector that sounds more exciting? Most things are possible and you only need to look for what makes you excited today. Or in the next 1-2 years.

Even if you want to start your own company but don’t know what you want to offer, a great way to start is always to jump on a great opportunity that comes around. Sometimes, in this start up culture, we forget that school can’t teach us everything, and all great ideas are not hatched in classes. Experience of working for other companies can make you less afraid of starting your own. You can for example spend 1-2 years working for a small start up within a sector you find exciting, then jump to another small company– either in the same sector or another. Then who knows, you might have done an amazing job and gotten promoted and end up loving being part of someone else’s company, or you decide to continue on to start your own business and become a competitor.

Focus on issues you find interesting or exciting to work with, even if you are only the admin or the intern, as long as you get to be a part of something of value or interest to you – you are on the right track.

You could seriously go from working with theater production to arranging international ministerial meetings for your government. You can go from working at a local NGO to traveling the world working for the UN, or starting your own NGO and end up having projects in multiple countries.

You could move to your favorite city, or your paradise on earth and go into real-estate, or write children’ books, or work as a diving instructor for a while and then start your own business and start hiring diving instructors.

I am trying to make 2 points:

No 1. is that no matter your educational background, most things are possible. I mean, even if you are not educated you can become a scientist, just like Virginia E. Johnson. So, don’t ever think that you are stuck because you do not have an education or because you think you have the wrong education.

No 2. is that you should not waste time trying to figure out what you career passion is, instead just jump on the next fun or exciting opportunity that comes along. Ride the wave for a while and then if you get bored, se what doors this opportunity opened.

Ah and one last thing – I usually know that something is good and will lead to a lot of awesome things if I feel excitement mixed with a bit of fear. I will make sure to elaborate on the fear part another day. Hope you enjoyed the read and that this article helped you out!

Finally: What do you study or work with right now? I would love for you to take the time to share this with me in the comment section!

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