This blog brings ethics and fashion together and provides you with an extensive guide on how to be a lady. This blog aims to be fun, inspiring, approachable, eloquent, persuasive, and promises to provide words for your thoughts and feelings.

Just like Disney taught us that only pretty girls get their happy ever after we tend to associate happiness with all things pretty. That is in essence what makes you read your favorite fashion blogs: you see a pretty girl with pretty things in a pretty photo on a pretty website and your brain associates it with happiness. So you want what she has. What if her pretty pictures were followed by an article about happiness, or self-worth instead of where she bought her shoes? 

This is where the idea of “Guide for Ladies” started. I wanted to find a way to reach the audience that would normally mainly consume the kind of information that creates an illusion that material things = happiness. 

I try to bring topics like ethics, self-worth, female empowerment and psychology to fashion. Basically, my intention is to bring topics which could be found on psychology today, or in book on ethics, or female empowerment, and make them fun and approachable by being witty, and not making the topics to complicated. And as a final touch I combine it all with inspiring quotes and pretty pictures.

My blog is about being a lady –classy and chic- but not through your exterior or through reinforcing unwritten rules from the past. Instead, I try to teach confidence, respect, integrity, and independence, as well as empathy and kindness.

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