5 ways to enjoy being single on Valentine's Day

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and as my Lady rules set my weekly themes (this week being all about being a woman a man needs and not a woman that needs a man), I figured my Valentine’s day post contribution to the internet will be dedicated to all the single ladies out there.

So as I said, Valentines Day is coming up -and you’re single. GREAT. Even if you might be perfectly comfortable with your single status it does sting a bit when your non-single friends ramble about their plans and give you the “awe you poor thing…” look when they hear that you don’t have any plans. And maybe this leads you to go on Google and type “single on valentine’s day” to figure out what others do to not feel completely alone, or boring.

If you have been hanging out on Google for this purpose you might have come across a whole bunch of “anti-valentine’s day party ideas and posts suggesting you to boycott and take a stand against valentine.

I don’t think that’s very productive and the whole idea behind the tips above is that if you make fun of something others do, you will feel better about yourself. Which is obviously not healthy. Instead, why don’t you focus on the positive: just because you do not have a boyfriend does not mean you do not have love and affection in your life! So, what can you do on Valentine’s Day if you are single? Here are my 5 tips:

1. Give out gifts anyway. I LOVE giving gifts to people because I love how happy they get. It is such a small act of kindness but it means a lot for people that someone thought of them. Send someone flowers, chocolate or a teddy! Send it to your Mum, your Dad, your closest friends, your brothers or sisters, or even to a person who you know is also single and seemed a bit blue or anti Valentine’s Day. This will make them happy, you get to do what people do most on this day, and all the ones that got a gift from you will call you and thank you for your kindness as soon as the gift arrives.

2. Spend some time with your family or invite your friends for dinner. Make dinner at home with your friends and have some wine. Make it more fun with giving out notes when they enter with something they have to do before the night is over like “switch wineglass with the one beside you at the dinner table without anyone noticing” or “make 3 people do pull-ups at the same time” and before people go home they have to share their note and if they succeeded.

Another fun activity (I think) is board games. I know, it’s not for everyone. But my family is a real board game playing family. A current favorite is the Settlers. The rules are easy to learn and there is a lot of strategy involved. In our family everyone from 14-60 play this game together. Its just such a great way to spend time with your family!

3. Book a trip! Yes, just check out some last minute offers and take a flight somewhere! I live in Europe, so just jumping on a plane to go to another country for the weekend is easy, cheap, and common. I’d suggest an Eastern European capital like Warsaw or Prague for those on a tighter budget, and London or Paris for those who have some money to spend. Obviously you don’t have to go outside the country to see something new, you could just take the train to a nearby city you never get time to visit. Be a tourist, take your camera with you and go to all museums you can find.

4. Treat yourself! I don’t mean the “stuff yourself with candy” kind of treatment. No, I mean go to the hairdresser and do a makeover, have a massage in town, or go for a spa treatment, a pedicure, or dress up and do a photo-shoot at home. Take your sister or any single friend with you if you don’t want to do these things alone. But I personally find these things to be great alone-time activities.

 5. Go after what you want or find something new to love! So, everyone is busy with romance. Well then that gives you a lot of time to start planning that project you have always wanted to do: maybe you want to start painting, or you might want to write a book? Well, guess what, maybe this day is the perfect day to start! Make a plan, start sketching or writing. I love projects; I make everything in my life into projects! I make a vision, and then define it, cut it down to realistic and reachable goals. And then I just go for it! It can be all about the next stage in my career, or starting an Instagram account, or just deciding to finally find more space in my calendar for going to the gym.

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