No 4. Rule of a Lady and the art of persuasion.

You might find yourself disagreeing with me on what I am about to write; because, even if the rule is witty and true, you might find persuasion to be balancing on a thin line when it comes to ethics.

But you might also secretly wish that you were better at “getting your way” with men, and therefore end up finding my post very useful.

Just like the Greek stories about the Sirens who had the power to seduce sailors with their enchanting voices and lure them to their deaths, feminine deceit has been a popular topic for many authors. And there is no denying that we women do have some ensnaring abilities when it comes to men.

You might have made a guy buy you a drink in a bar even though you weren’t that into him, or had no intention on giving him your number. Maybe you used your feminine charm to get yourself out of a speeding ticket, or make a male friend act as your private taxi service. Maybe you got a stranger to help you out, or a job offer. Oh the things women get by being strategically charming (also known as –manipulative- but I find strategically charming to be a ehm …milder way of framing it).

We learned very early in life that a little smile is an effective way to influence someone, and can get us something we want. And I believe that every woman has this ability within her and that most of us use it, although some might be unaware of doing it.

The art of persuasion rests on getting people to do what you want willingly and there are some simple techniques that engage your feminine power which men readily react to. Being confident, passionate, and witty in the way you speak to him will definitely charm any man. But it is often the little things that do it: a warm smile, a gentle voice, and good manners, which you can combine with light touches to his arm for accent.

So in essence, we are talking -flirting 101-. But some women really aren’t aware of their own female power – just as other women exploit it to the fullest extent.

Well, I’d say it’s about how you use it, and for what. It’s one thing to flirt your way to a free drink at a bar when you have no intention of giving a guy your number, and entirely different when your teasing seductions have him cleaning out his bank account to please you with gifts, only to drop him flat on his face when he can’t afford to support your expensive tastes any longer.

However, if you have a compassionate nature and have personal bounders you wont overstep just to get what you want, I think that a little persuasion is perfectly fine, and can make your everyday life a bit easier. I find that being confident in, and aware of, your feminine powers, and using them in a charming manner to get what you want can be quite empowering. 

And for those who dislike my way of reasoning on this topic I can only ad that men do after all have their own type of power, which they use in their every day life to reach their own goals. Which is perfectly normal.

What do you think on this topic, is it ethically justifiable? And have you ever used some strategic charm to get your way?

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