Stop Facebook-stalking your ex!

Facebook is good for two things: staying in touch with people — and stalking them. click to tweet

Did your boyfriend leave you? Do you regret leaving your boyfriend? Does he miss you? Is he dating someone else now? Is he happier with her? Is she prettier than you? Is she more successful than you? Has he already gotten over you?

What?! Why is there a girl kissing him on his profile picture? Why does his status update say that he has “never been happier”? Why is he commenting “I love you <3” on photos of her!? I mean… they just met! And you guys broke up just a couple of moths ago!

WHAT!? Are they eating at your favorite restaurant? Did he take her to the same place you two went for a first date? Did he get that job you helped him apply to?  Aaargh!

When it comes to break ups, we've all been there—curled up on the couch with a bottle of wine and A LOT of chocolate, crying while we look through our ex’s Facebook profile, who is seemingly happier without us.

Well, here’s something you might already know: checking and refreshing your ex’s Facebook page won’t help you move on and it will NOT make you feel better about the break up. Facebook, for the most part, sucks for the broken-hearted. It provides an all-too-tempting outlet to obsess over pictures of your ex and desperately scan his status updates for any sign that he is missing you.

Still you cannot seem to help yourself. Still, you just want to find one sign of him missing you, just ONE! However, it won’t happen, not on Facebook. Think about it, people romanticize their life on Facebook! Everyone looks happy on their profile picture, and status updates are for making your friends laugh or to tell everyone what an amazing weekend you had.

Does your Facebook page look as though you miss him? Probably not. Right?

So, the best way of getting over your ex is to simply unfriend him on Facebook, for now. This way you will have no option but to stop Facebook-stalking him. Then, when you have properly gotten over him it is perfectly fine to become Facebook friends again.

Did you unfriend your ex after breaking up? 

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