Welcome to Guide for Ladies, the blog!

As some of my Instagramers have requested a blog, and as I feel like Instagram is a bit limiting when you have a lot to say and when you want to connect more with your followers, I have now finally started a blog.

This blog will be bringing ethics and fashion together and provide all of you with an extensive guide on how to be a proper lady. This blog will be fun, inspiring, approachable, eloquent, persuasive, and promises to provide words for your thoughts and feelings.  

As on my Instagram account the main theme on this blog is that of the "rules of a lady"; however, I will allow myself to depart from having a new rule in every post and will guide you ladies through other fun posts, and inspiring pictures as well.

Other fun new features to expect include a slight redesign of my quote layout, longer articles, a chance for you to share your thoughts and experiences with me through commenting, and I'd also love to have some of you make guest posts!

Also, I have made it easy for you to share my content on a whole bunch of social medias as I know that was something you guys really wanted. I have especially got requests for tumblr and Pinterest, and so except for you guys being able to share my content on there through this blog, I will start a sister site on tumblr soon enough.

I really hope you like my blog and please let me know what you think. Of course there is not much content up at this point, but please let me know if you like the design, the ideas I mentioned above, and if you have any tips for a blogger newbie like me!

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