Ladies, stop taking advice from Marilyn Monroe!

Still remaining an unrivaled cultural icon almost 50 years after her death, Marilyn Monroe was the biggest sex symbol ever to come out of Hollywood. And despite her complete lack of work ethic, 3 divorces, and multiple affairs with married men, her public “happy birthday” singing stunt -humiliating the first lady-, her frequent abuse of drugs and alcohol, making a career solely based on her sexuality, regular threats of suicide, total self-absorption, and dying from an overdose; generations of women continue to look to her as an inspiration and a role-mode. But surely any woman can see that none of these attributes are things women should be purposefully pursuing today?

It is true she had a tough upbringing, but millions of people have difficult backgrounds and triumph over them. Instead of overcoming obstacles, Monroe spent much of her life wallowing in them, making personal suffering a narrative for people to avoid taking responsibility of their own lives.

She moaned about being a star, but was ferociously ambitious in her pursuit of fame. She wailed about being a sex symbol, but did all she could to encourage such an image. And she had a love for playing the victim despite her privileged status, her often inexcusable behavior, and her wealth.

She was not happy, her moral code was completely off, she lacked empathy, and there was never anything intelligent about her. Still I see a lot of girls quoting her on twitter and instagram as if she was some sort of heroine or philosopher. She was a self-centered narcissist. and so unless you aspire to be a self-centered narcissist, then Marilyn Monroe is not someone you should be taking advice from.

Just to really illustrate the issue with women looking to Marilyn for guidance, lets imagine a modern version of Marilyn Monroe: Lindsay Lohan.
They both lack work ethic and are known for their hopelessly unprofessional behavior on set – arriving late, being drunk/on drugs, not knowing their lines, and so on. They both have/had huge alcohol and drug problems. Their love life is known to be a complete mess. They are known for fighting inner demons and being self destructive, not for being happy. Both capitalized on their sexuality and both were featured in playboy And honestly, no sane woman would ever claim that Lindsay Lohan is a god role model for anyone so why would Marilyn be?

I agree with Jenna that Marilyn Monroe should be respected as an individual; but Ladies, don’t look to her for advice on how to live your life. Instead, look to strong, independent, and educated women; intelligent women with a voice and opinion.

Do you think Marilyn Monroe is a good role-model, and do you agree that Lindsay Lohan is a modern version of Marilyn Monroe? 

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If you want to read more on this topic I highly recommend this article from The Daily Mail, written in 2011 around the time when My Week With Marilyn was released. Its a bit longer, and a bit harsher than my post, but it really captures the point I am making here.

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