Guide for Ladies 2.0

guide for ladies, how to be a lady, how to be classy

I am super excited to announce that the Guide for Ladies is re-launching on the 8th of June (next week)! 

I have spent the past months just preparing everything for a re-launch of this website and let me tell you! From now on you will be seeing my own visual content (my own photos and maybe even my own illustrations), which I am really excited about.

It's a freedom for me to do the visual content myself as I can easier make sure that the images portray what I want to convey with my articles and my website. Also, I am a very creative person so I finally have a fully-fledged outlet for that creativity. 

My rules will continue as usual, and my articles will continue to discuss topics on ethics, self-worth, wealth, body image, happiness and self-improvement. However, with this re-launch I will also start to share my own style and beauty posts. 

So, except for reading my articles you will now be able to see photos of my surroundings, my travels, my addiction to colorful patterns, pastels, and beautiful scenery.

You can expect 3 posts a week with an occasional 4th bonus post. Next week you can expect a post on rule no 6 of being a Lady, my very first style post, and another post that I chose to keep a secret for now.

And so, as much as I love sharing my thoughts and feelings on life with you guys, I am not much of a fan of talking to myself so continue to engage. 

Trust me, the best part of running the Guide for Ladies are all your amazing comments and thoughts. 

You might think that this is all about me teaching you, but really I am learning so much from you Ladies.

I really hope you will enjoy the changes and continue to read my blog, and lets make sure this stays a dialog!