How to get your legs summer ready with these 5 super easy steps

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I decided to start adding some posts on beauty on this blog.

And while this specific post is going to be about how to get your legs ready for summer, I want to start these beauty series by clarifying that the key to being beautiful is knowing that you already are.

These Guide for Ladies beauty series are simply going to give you some tips and tricks to boost your confidence or enhance the beauty you already possess, and do not aim to make you feel inadequate.

With that, lets start this series of with my

5 super easy steps to summer ready legs:

I don’t know about you guys, but I live in a big city and sometimes it feels like we big city people end up having pale and dry legs all year around. Except for those weeks of vacation when we head to a sunny warm place and either get super read or are lucky to get an awesome tan that disappears soon after we return to our daily lives. But there are some really simple things you can do, and this is no rocket science.

I know there are many lists online on how to get your legs ready for summer but I found that most are a bit unnecessarily complicated and seem to make people want to go to the store to buy 10 new products. It’s as if everyone wants to come up with something new and it just becomes ridiculous.

So, therefore I decided to make my own –super easy- guide.

1. Dry brushing and peeling

This helps get rid of dead skin cells, boosts circulation and creates a softer, more glowing skin. Most have some form of peeling or dry brush at home, and if not dry brushing is undoubtedly the least expensive DIY spa treatment on the market. Also, if you do not have any peeling cream at home, you can simply take some olive oil mixed with salt or sugar and you got yourself a home made peeling cream.

I usually start by dry brushing my legs and then step into the shower to use some peeling cream.

2. Moisturize

Once the skin on my legs is rid of all the grit and grime, it's critical to top it with a moisturizer. I use either a dove body lotion or a body shop body butter, but really – anything goes.

3. Hair removal

So there are a couple of options here. Lets quickly go through them so that you can decide what works best for you.


This is definitely my go-to option for hair removal. I usually go to a salon to get it done, but sometimes I do the lower legs by myself. I just find is soo convenient that I can go to a salon, get it done and then not worry about hair for at least 2 weeks.

As for the pain, I don’t really find it that painful, or even painful at all. Maybe I just have a high pain threshold?


is a guide on how to wax at home if you are new to waxing and considering it.


If you experience issues with ingrowth hair after waxing or if you find waxing to be too painful, then shaving is probably a better option for you.

Just make sure to shave at the end of a shower to avoid irritation, as that is when the skin is the softest.

Other options for hair removal are depilatories and laser treatments. Unfortunately I have no experience in these so you will have to turn to Google for advice ;)

4. Moisturizing

When the hair is all gone its time to put on some more moisturizer and keep moisturizing properly through out the summer to keep the tan from disappearing.

5. Bronzing shimmer

Before stepping outside, mist your legs with some instant bronzing shimmer. It gives a natural-looking sheen and camouflages small imperfections with light-reflecting shimmer.

There you go. Super easy right? Maybe not even news for some of you, but it is fool prof. I love how this just gets your legs from feeling like a snow white light reflector to giving you that healthy glow. Just make sure not to go crazy with bronzers, a tint of color from some form of bronzing shimmer is fine, but don’t go out looking like you spent 3 weeks in a tanning salon.